How to Unlock Diamonds in Free Fire

Survivors cannot access Garena Free Fire  today (8/4/2020) because the server has been closed since 11.00 WIB until finished. This online game will do maintenance and part of the April update. Maintenance will take place at 11:00 WIB – finished today! Please wait and be patient when the Maintenance process takes place, and get ready to update the latest features of Free Fire in April Update.

After maintenance is complete, survivors can enjoy new characters, skins and weapons that add to the excitement to play the Free Fire game while at home. One of them Clash Squad will be played in Rank Season.

Then there is a new character named Kapella who has the skill to increase the healing effect of items, the heeling skill, and reduce the healing of knocked friends. This latest update will be the presence of two Ottero pets.

In addition, in this latest update motorbike can be used together. Plus there is a new weapon called Thompson that uses the latest SMG bullets and Smoke Grenades whose smoke can be raised anywhere. Another leak, this latest update will present a new mode, but not explained about this new mode. So just wait until the maintenance is complete.

If it’s free, why should I buy it? “Yep, that’s how most Survivors (including you) think to get a free Elite Pass in the Free Fire (FF) game. As we know, Garena Free Fire indeed often issues free Elite Passes, especially when entering the new season.

Unfortunately, the Garena Free Fire Elite Pass, which is sold every season, is sold at a price that is quite draining the pockets of gamers. Some gamers eventually rack their brains looking for ways to get an Elite Pass for free fire hack app unlimited diamonds download. While some others just fantasize and wait for tips like this published.

If you ask how to get an Elite Pass, there are two ways you can do it, which is paid and free. Paid means you buy an Elite Pass by exchanging a number of Free Fire (FF) diamonds that you have as a premium currency.

For example, to be able to have Elite Pass Season 6 Arcade Mayhem, at least you need to buy as many as 500 Free Fire diamonds or equivalent to Rp 77,000. Or if you have more money, you can top up as many as 1500 FF diamonds (around Rp. 246,000) to get an Elite Pass that contains a variety of exclusive items.

When in fact it’s far from the fire you will have that much diamonds right? Unfortunately again, this premium membership called the Elite Pass is not valid forever. Because Garena has a maximum membership limit of 30 days. Immediately, here’s how to get a free Elite Pass in the Free Fire (FF) game.

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