How to Download the Advanced Free Fire Server

Garena reopens the Advanced Server program for fans of the Free Fire Battle Royale game . Advanced Server is a special server where selected players can try out the latest features to be launched and Garena can later filter feedback about these features.

In addition, you can also use exclusive free fire diamond hack app items in the shop by paying only one diamond. So maximize your time by trying all the expensive items in Free Fire.

Advanced Server Free Fire has been opened from 6 August 2019 at 09.00 WIB and will continue to be open until 31 August 2019. So you have many opportunities to download and try Advanced Server Free Fire.

Curious how to download and try? Let’s look at the following tips.

1. Make sure you are already registered.

Advance Server Free Fire will only be available for 50,000 randomly selected players. Before trying it, make sure you have registered for this program. Registration for Advanced Server August 2019 itself has been opened on 30 July-5 August 2019.

2. Go to the Advanced Server Free Fire Site

After getting an in-game message, immediately visit the Advanced Server site at After that, scroll down until you find the button to log in to Facebook.

3. Facebook Login

Click the Facebook login button, then log in as usual using the Facebook account that is connected to the Free Fire account .

4. Download APK

After logging in successfully, if you become one of the selected players, a button will appear to download the FF Advanced Server APK. The APK file is approximately 545MB in size.

But if you haven’t been selected, a notification will appear saying you don’t have permission.
If you haven’t been able to play, you are just waiting to be given an invitation that usually appears via an in-game message.

5. Install APK

After it’s finished downloading, you can directly install the APK. After the installation process is complete, you can immediately try Advanced Server Free Fire.

6. Report Bug

The selected player to try out Advance Server Free Fire can try some new features that will be launched soon. Garena also called on selected players to report immediately if they find a bug.

Players can report bugs they find in the game on web pages by selecting the Report Bug option and filling in the bug categories found. Players who find the bug for the first time will be rewarded with 100 diamonds. Check out the video ” Joe Taslim Proud to Become a Character in the ‘Free Fire’ Game “

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